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Nondual Guided Meditation with Michael Taft

Continuing to delve deeper into non-dual meditation methods over the previous yr or so, on this guided meditation Michael Taft extends contact with the expertise of the woke up thoughts – which is boundless, timeless and completely nonetheless.

The woke up thoughts shouldn’t be solely non-dual, it has extra qualities than easy non-duality. It additionally has the standard of boundlessness, which means it is rather huge, like an enormous area. We do not name it infinity as a result of that is a sure dimension, however as a substitute we merely say that we will not discover a restrict anyplace. Boundlessness happens as a result of the woke up thoughts lets go of making and sustaining the synthetic construction and bounds of the self and the world. Rather, it sees by them; clearly sees their vacancy. When borders turn into empty, boundlessness arises; a sense of huge, boundless area.

An woke up thoughts additionally has the standard of timelessness. Time, like boundaries, is a assemble of the thoughts; a fabrication that we superimpose on the bare expertise. As we join extra deeply with the woke up thoughts, the assemble of time falls away, revealing an underlying ocean of eternity. A top quality of trip of time. Things apparently nonetheless transfer and alter, impermanence continues, however that is seen as simply the play of the show, occurring towards a backdrop of everlasting, excellent timelessness.

Just as boundaries and time turn into empty, so all motion, all change turns into empty. Beneath that lies excellent silence; a sense of absolute, rock-solid immovability that’s extraordinarily nice. These three issues, together with the sense of non-duality, start to the touch the true depth of the woke up thoughts.

The meditation is adopted by a dharma speak and Q&A.

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