Breathe Self-Compassion – Guided Meditation Script

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Here’s an instance of the “Breathe self-compassionGuided Meditation Script:

Hello and welcome to this guided meditation that mixes consciousness of the breath with compassion for the self. In this train, we are going to use the breath as a instrument to help the cultivation of self-love.

To start with, sit in a sitting place. Lengthen your backbone and chill out your shoulders, closing your eyes if you’re prepared.

Ground your consideration to the floor beneath you, whether or not or not it’s a chair, the ground, or one thing else, and spot that you’re supported.

Feel the power of the house that helps you. Notice the power or presence of the floor you might be holding, in addition to that of the air round you.

Then take a number of deep, clear breaths in a method that feels snug to you. Invite your ideas to melt with every exhale.
(longer pause)

Continue to note the pure movement of your breath for a number of moments of stillness. Let the breath movement at its personal depth and tempo.
(longer pause)

Every breath we take helps the physique, so each breath is like an act of affection.

So I invite you to breathe with this consciousness, letting every breath be an providing of affection to your physique.

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