Case Study: Osteogenesis Imperfecta and Reiki

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Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) is a uncommon genetic illness that impacts collagen kind 1 within the physique. It is technically a connective tissue illness however is usually often known as “brittle bones”. Osteo means bone, genesis means creation and Imperfecta means imperfect. So: Imperfect bone formation. The finish results of this illness is just like osteoporosis, however for a distinct purpose. In osteoporosis, it’s the physique that doesn’t deposit minerals on the bones to make them stiff sufficient, whereas in OI, the versatile construction of the bone is flawed.

My mom was born with this illness as a pure mutation, and each I and my brother inherited it from her. I’ve had about 12 bone fractures in my 47 years, whereas my brother had almost 23. The worst for him was when he slipped on some black ice and broke his pelvis in six locations. He needed to be flown to UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, CA, and his harm required a six-hour surgical procedure to screw his pelvis again collectively. As you may think about, residing with this illness generally is a horrible existence. Every second and each motion comes with the thought, “Am I going to trip and fall and break a bone?” Going up and down steep stairs is typically a psychological nightmare.

I used to be skilled in Reiki in 1991 at age 15 and instantly started utilizing it to assist myself with bodily points. I used it on areas I had damaged earlier than they turned a channel to strengthen them and launch any trauma which will nonetheless be current, however I additionally hoped my bones would grow to be extra resilient over time. A yr later I took degree 2 and about three months after that I broke my proper foot in dance class. When it occurred, my primary precedence was to not cross out from the ache. My second precedence was to get to the bench to carry my foot so I might attain out. I stumbled to the commentary room and sat down. I sat sideways so I might maintain my foot and put down a CKR and reikied it for the remainder of the category (about 1 ½ hours). As the clock ticked I felt the ache getting much less and fewer till lastly the ache utterly disappeared and I did not really feel faint anymore. It was the primary damaged bone I needed to endure that did not damage for weeks. It did not heal sooner than regular, however I used to be ache free for the three months I used to be within the forged.

Case Study: Osteogenesis Imperfecta and Reiki

I later went to varsity and had no fractures the entire time. I used a strict routine of surrounding myself with energy symbols for defense and fixed Reiki to strengthen my physique. I later moved to Santa Cruz CA and after a number of years had a tibial plateau fracture that I reikied. I had minimal ache and a reasonably fast therapeutic time. Then I began taking mineral dietary supplements in addition to a every day multivitamin to present me all the advantages. Since then, and it has been about 15 years, I’ve managed to interrupt nothing. I labored in a restaurant for some time and we had a walk-in freezer that was extraordinarily harmful to traverse. I might by no means go in there with out activating Reiki and all my symbols, and I walked in an ascending shuffle. Somehow I managed to keep away from falling, tripping or slipping, which I’ve at all times discovered to be a small miracle. We had a minimum of three accidents in that room, nevertheless it was at all times different folks, by no means me, and I felt extremely fortunate.

I’ve at all times been instructed to not attain out to a damaged bone till it is set or it could begin to heal incorrectly. But perhaps as a result of I’m a sluggish healer by nature, I’ve by no means had an issue with that. And the fact of many fractures is that they usually require orthopedic surgical procedure and might go away you in ache for days earlier than surgical procedure is full. So my philosophy about Reiking fractures is to deal with it instantly till the ache stops after which cease and look forward to it to set.

With Holy Fire® Reiki I’ve additionally been capable of delve into the extra non secular elements of the illness. One of the issues I’ve observed is that each time I broke a bone prior to now, I emotionally felt like my life was coming to an finish (though different folks would have fractures and no eyelashes). Last yr I targeted on therapeutic points from previous lives, and I used to be proven a life the place I used to be a priest in an underground temple worshiping some gods carved into the wall. One day whereas I used to be praying, an earthquake occurred and the entire constructing collapsed. The very first thing that occurred was my leg broke, however the gods we worshiped have been destroyed, and my world actually got here to an finish, and since therapeutic that life my emotions about having one other break have diminished considerably.

Currently I follow a variety of Reiki myself, take my dietary supplements and do a every day meditation for my bones that my Holy Fire/Karuna guides just lately confirmed me.

  • Visualize the Harth image and let it fill your skeleton with pink/white mild
  • Activate a Rama within the decrease half of your physique to fill the aura with shiny white mild.

It’s a fast meditation, however I really feel happier, safer and stronger. Reiki itself makes me happier, safer and stronger general as a result of it is one thing I at all times have with me, I can activate it proactively and I do know it would assist me if I ever break one other bone. I cross my fingers that may by no means occur once more. Wish me luck!

Article by Colin Johnson

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Colin Johnson
Colin Johnson

Colin Johnson is a Usui/HolyFire III Master, an Animal Reiki Master and a HolyFire III Karuna Reiki Master. He has been practising Reiki since 1991. He may be reached at: or Reiki pure and simple.

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