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Clubfoot / Congenital talipes Equino varus (CTEV)

It is the commonest congenital foot defect and happens as soon as in 1,000 reside births.


It may very well be

  • Idiopathic clubfoot
  • Secondary clubfoot

Clubfoot correction

a) CTEV splints

These are plastic splints which can be formed to keep up a corrected place when strapped on.

b)Dennis -Brown Splint (DB Splint):

This is a splint to maintain the foot within the right place. It is used all through the day earlier than the kid begins to stroll. Once he begins strolling, a DB splint is used at evening and CTEV footwear through the day.

c) CTEV Shoes:

These are tailored footwear, used as quickly as a baby begins strolling. The following adjustments have been made to the shoe.

a) straight internal edge to forestall forefoot adduction.


J. Maheshwari. Essential of Orthopedics

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Dr.M.Sakthi Sridevi [ B.P.T, M.I.A.P ]

Consultant physiotherapist

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