Compassion for the entire physique

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Here’s an instance of the “Compassion for the entire physiqueGuided Meditation Script:

Hello, and welcome to this mild guided meditation follow that may invite you to domesticate compassion to your complete physique. Before we start, take a second to discover a comfy place, whether or not sitting or mendacity down.
4 seconds

Gently lengthen your backbone if you happen to can, and let your limbs loosen up.
6 seconds

Start by noticing the elements of your physique that make contact with the floor beneath you, turning into conscious that you’re being held and supported by gravity.
6 seconds

Now flip your consideration to your respiration and do just a few cycles of cleaning breaths. Remember, every inhale fills you with recent, restorative oxygen…
3 seconds

And every exhale purifies you of what you not want.
10 sec

After your subsequent cleaning exhale, proceed to breathe naturally whereas being conscious of the easy ebb and circulate of the breath.
10 sec

In a second we’ll transfer on to a physique scan, invoking loving vitality to fill each a part of the physique. This course of will feel and look completely different for every of us as all of us occupy our personal distinctive our bodies. Some physique elements will really feel spacious or mild… others could really feel numb or contracted… and a few could include troublesome feelings.

Our objective on this follow is to not decide what’s within the physique, however to nurture it with compassionate consciousness – no matter the way it feels or how we really feel about it.
4 seconds

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