Cultivate and increase self-care

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Here’s an instance of the “Cultivate and increase self-careGuided Meditation Script:

In at present’s follow, we are going to domesticate self-care and self-compassion after which provide it to others.

To get began, discover a snug place to take a seat, tuck into your sit bones, and shut your eyes once you’re prepared.

Let your posture be relaxed however alert, then floor your consideration within the move of your breath for just a few moments.

Each breath is like an anchor serving to you reconnect to this current second.
(longer pause)

If you discover a ordinary contraction within the physique, reminiscent of within the brow, shoulders, or jaw, gently calm down this holding sample – then return to respiratory.
(longer pause)

Now really feel this breath as if it had been feeding your coronary heart. Without pressure, see if the guts can open to be nourished by the breath.
(longer pause)

Now carry one hand to your coronary heart and gently relaxation your palm on it. Notice the way it rises and falls with every breath.

Let the contact of your palm in your chest be light so as to really feel the care your hand offers.

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