Deconstructing the physique within the conventional parts

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Guided Meditation by Michael Taft

First 15 min – Shamatha with an object.
Then dissolve with the exhale
Then Shamatha with out an object
Then the physique is deconstructed into earth, air, fireplace, water and house.

Many sorts of deconstruction are attainable. Here we divide the physique within the creativeness into the 5 conventional parts earth, air, fireplace, water and house. Of course, these will not be the trendy notion of parts, as depicted in a periodic desk. The precise phrase is dhatuand is meant to explain the physique (and the world) when it comes to its emergence in sensory expertise.

In this conventional meditation, we every symbolize the totally different parts (dhatu) of the physique individually, and the components of the physique that make up it. Then let’s return this ingredient to the earth, or to nature. Gradually we deconstruct your complete bodily physique and all parts are returned to the surroundings with out residue.

We think about that because the physique utterly dissolves into its part parts after which disappears into the earth, aware consciousness continues. This helps us to dis-identify with the fabric physique because the place of the self.

In the tip, we envision a complete new and wholesome physique being composed of contemporary, vibrant parts.

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