Directional Compassion – Guided Meditation Script

by WellnessWivel
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One of the most important challenges with regards to having compassion for ourselves is the assumption that we’re alone in our battle. It’s really easy to suppose, “I’m the only one who feels this way. No one in my life has it as hard as I do.”

Even if we all know in our logical minds that this is not true, it may be simple to slide into a way of isolation after we’re struggling, particularly if we maintain our struggles to ourselves.

Unfortunately, after we really feel alone in life’s difficulties, it feels tempting to retreat even additional, creating an excellent stronger sense of loneliness.

This meditation is a delicate reminder that even when we’re bodily alone or really feel like we’re the one one taking up this problem, we’re by no means actually alone. Our expertise is widespread to all humanity.

To start, gently shut your eyes and loosen up in no matter place you’re in – let the bottom help you and picture being held by the earth.

Take a deep breath and picture respiratory into your coronary heart house, fueling that power with oxygen and a spotlight.

Take one other deep breath and picture taking that air straight to your digestive organs and feeding them with air.

Another huge, wholesome breath, straight down into your legs and toes.

And exhale, letting your physique settle…letting your shoulders soften a bit of…letting your jaw and face loosen up and launch any pressure.


Now consider one thing that you’re having a tough time with.

Try to decide on one thing that’s not unimportant, but in addition not traumatic.

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