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Dry warmth

This state of Dry warmth happens when, often, a “warm” sickness enters your physique. Such illness may be bacterial or viral, make you contageous.

Dry warmth is your physique’s response to it. It happens within the whey degree, being an early response out of your immune system. The different frequent reactions are

All of those reactions are on the surface of your physique’s defenses. That doesn’t suggest they’re on the surface of your physique, however that your physique retains them at arm’s size from the vital issues inside. If your physique cannot preserve the issue “from the outside,” it pushes in, by two different ranges (Qi And Nutritional worth or Ying) till it reaches your deepest degree, the Blood degree.

The additional it penetrates, the extra severe your drawback. Theoretically, you might die at one of many Qi, nutritious or Blood ranges.

So at this ‘outer’ degree, the nice and cozy illness has not but taken up residence in any of your inner organs, which occurs on the subsequent (internal) degree, the Qi degree, when it takes over your lungs (Lung-Heat), your Stomach (Stomach-Heat), your Intestines (Intestine Dry-Heat), your Gallbladder (Gallbladder Heat) or as Vapor-Heat in your Stomach and Spleen.

Few individuals die when the illness is right here (look) Whey degree!

But that does not imply the syndromes within the Whey degree trigger pleasurable signs. They will not be!

With Dry-Heat, your physique carries out a substantial assault on the intruder Whey degree, and exhibits signs that match.


Dry warmth signs

  • Fever
  • Don’t just like the chilly and like to keep away from it
  • Mild perspiration however…
  • … The pores and skin is dry
  • Mouth is dry
  • Nose is dry
  • Throat is dry
  • Dry cough
  • Throat is sore
  • Tongue feels dry however has a skinny white coating
  • Pulse is quick and ‘floating’

All this dryness happens as a result of your physique’s means of responding is to starve the invader of fluids. This can after all work, however within the meantime the dryness implies that the physique fluids are ‘broken’.

So, to assist your physique, maintain it nicely stuffed with fluids – water is one of the best fluid. Don’t fear about feeding the invader with the fluids – your physique is aware of what to do! Just maintain it equipped with what it wants.

Water your body to help it deal with dry heat
Water your physique, nevertheless it’s greatest to drink it heat, not ice chilly or chilled.

What is the correct therapy for dry warmth?

Very simple! At least in concept, however not at all times simple to comprehend, since you in all probability should deal with the affected person a number of occasions a day.

  • ‘Release the Exterior’ This is a therapy that enables your physique to expel the intruder by opening the exit door!
  • Release the warmth
  • Promote extra fluids

But does this kill the bug?

Yes, I hear you say, however what in regards to the bug? – the micro organism, the virus? What occurs with that? Who or what kills it, as a result of (you motive) it’s going to simply go on anyway except it is lifeless?

This is the place Chinese and Western drugs, with their totally different ideas of illness, are likely to diverge. Of course Chinese drugs acknowledges that there’s a bug – micro organism or virus – nevertheless it seems to be extra on the place or surroundings the place the bug is attempting to achieve a foothold.

Take an analogy: weeds!

Weeds in your backyard don’t develop on steel or on naked stones, for instance on a flagstone.

Bare, clean, dry flagstone prevents growth, even when it is sunny

Weeds want soil, water and solar. Even mycelium (the strands that type the premise of fungi) wants soil and water, though it might do with out the warmth of the solar for some time.

If you set a seed on a naked rock and go away it there indefinitely with out water or solar, then, assuming the rock or stone is impenetrable, the seed will finally die. It might final for years, however with out meals and within the drought and warmth it is going to die.

Covid – for instance!

We seen this throughout the latest Covid pandemic, which confirmed that the virus shortly died (except transferred to a different damp, heat physique) on steel handrails, handles and even dry garments.

It is considerably just like the concept behind Chinese drugs. Take away the assets by which the invader can thrive and he’ll disappear, starved of meals.

(However, Chinese natural drugs has formulation that do a lot the identical as antibiotics and anti-viral medicine, utilizing herbs as an alternative of medicine. However, the formulation are balanced with different herbs that dispel or offset any sick results of the “killer” herbs. )

However, some invaders are so sturdy that they’ll overcome your physique’s regular reactions, together with “dry heat.” They trample it additional to the Qi or nutritious ranges.

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