Emotional Release Exercise for Reiki Healing Sessions

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We all agree that emotional baggage and unresolved points can create main blocks in our power physique, stopping us from transferring ahead to a lifetime of interior peace, grace and stability in physique, thoughts and spirit.

We additionally agree that Reiki therapeutic will be very useful in releasing these feelings, particularly if we incorporate the psychological/emotional image into our therapeutic remedies.

But for no matter motive, there are specific feelings that appear to stay round. These feelings are deeply rooted and we discover it troublesome to “break free”.

To help your individual emotional therapeutic, or that of a shopper, I want to share with you a visualization train that I incorporate into the Reiki therapeutic routine and have discovered to be very efficient.

Step 1: Identify the feelings

I choose to concentrate on the two or 3 feelings that the shopper is having bother letting go of. These feelings usually revolve round betrayal, abandonment, disgrace and unworthiness, however will be something. We discuss to the feelings which might be ready to be launched for the Reiki therapy. Be guided by your shopper, however do not draw back from the intuitive steerage you obtain in the course of the pre-treatment portion of your session together with your shopper.

Step 2: Do the Reiki Healing therapy

You are guided by your instinct and guides on the method you observe when providing Reiki therapeutic. And additionally when to incorporate the letting go visualization in Step 3. Carry out your Reiki therapeutic therapy in the best way you might be guided. Use the psychological/emotional image, or some other image it’s good to use, when and the place acceptable.

I usually discover that probably the most acceptable time for the visualization of liberation in step 3 is once we are engaged on or across the photo voltaic plexus and/or sacral chakra. This is a generalization and it may be round any of the opposite chakras.

Emotional Release Exercise for Reiki Healing Sessions

Step 3: Release Visualization

Once you might be “asked” that the discharge visualization must be accomplished, transfer your arms in order that one hand is on the photo voltaic plexus and the opposite is on the sacral chakra. Guide the shopper to visualise the discharge of feelings as follows…

Remark: For the needs of this text, I’ll use the instance of the feelings “fear” and “unworthiness” that should be launched. Customize the script in line with your or your shopper’s particular wants.

  • Take a deep breath and visualize your self standing in a meadow.
  • It’s a wonderful meadow… the grass is inexperienced and funky underneath your naked toes… a mild breeze blows in your face… and the solar shines heat in your again.
  • You really feel snug and protected.
  • In entrance of you is a settee… what coloration is your couch?… what form?
  • And sitting on the couch is a well-known determine… a determine that provides a way of consolation… security… interior peace and tranquility…it’s one in every of your spirit guides.
  • She appears to be like at you lovingly and invitations you to take a seat on the sofa along with her.
  • And as you sit beside your spirit guides, you’re feeling her all-encompassing love for you… her safety… her power…
  • You really feel protected and safe in her presence… you’re feeling calm and serene…
  • She now asks you to take a look at what you might be holding in your proper hand.
  • And for the primary time you end up holding two crimson balloons, clasped tightly in your proper hand.
  • You lookup and see these two crimson balloons floating within the sky above you…
  • You really feel the strings of those two balloons reducing into your hand… however you might be unable to open your hand to launch the ache and discomfort they trigger.
  • And every balloon has a label… one is labeled “FEAR” and the opposite “UNWORTHINESS”
  • And now you’re feeling your spirit information gently place her hand in your left shoulder… and she or he tells you so “fear” does not serve you anymore…it is time you let go of all of your worry…the folks…conditions…relationships…every part that fills you with worry…
  • You not want to carry on to your worry… it’s time to let it go… you could let it go.
  • And along with her heat and loving help, open your proper hand and launch the labeled balloon “fear”
  • You watch the crimson balloon of worry float up… up… into the sky, getting smaller and smaller… till it vanishes into skinny air… releasing all worry to fade into the universe… a sense nice sense of liberation and reduction…
  • And once more, you’re feeling your spirit information gently place her hand in your left shoulder… and she or he tells you so “unworthiness” not serves you…it’s time so that you can let go of all of your emotions of unworthiness…the folks…conditions…relationships…every part that fills you with emotions of unworthiness…
  • You not have to carry on to your emotions of unworthiness… it is time to let it go… you could let it go.
  • And along with her heat and loving help, open your proper hand and launch the labeled balloon “unworthiness”
  • And you watch the crimson balloon of unworthiness float up… up… into the sky, getting smaller and smaller… till it vanishes into nothingness… releasing all emotions of unworthiness to fade into the universe …feeling an ideal sense of liberation and reduction…
  • You really feel gentle and free… you solely really feel love and that you’re sufficient.
  • And now, with nice gratitude, you thank your spirit information for her love and help in letting go of that which not serves you.
  • Feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, you rise up out of your sofa and stroll again throughout the meadow… again to this room… and again to this second…

Step 4: Complete the therapeutic therapy

After the visualization of liberation, proceed together with your Reiki therapeutic therapy to the tip. Seal the aura, floor your shopper, and shut the session with suggestions. It can also be advisable to guide a follow-up Reiki session together with your purchasers to help their therapeutic course of sooner or later.

Keep in thoughts that: Within this visualization, use one crimson balloon for every emotion that must be launched. Try to not do too many feelings directly, this may be overwhelming. This visualization will also be used as a standalone guided meditation for your self and others.


Article by Thea van der Merwe, Ph.D.

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Thea van der Merwe, Ph.D.

Thea van der Merwe, Ph.D.

Thea van der Merwe, Ph. D. is a nationally and internationally educated holistic power, licensed and skilled Master Reiki Practitioner, certified in Usui Reiki, Reijukido, Karuna® Reiki, Karuna Ki Reiki, Crystal Reiki and Gendai Reiki. She earned the title of Shihan (full grasp/instructor), the very best stage in Gendai Reiki Ho. In addition to her best ardour, Reiki, Thea can also be a religious shaman, healer and instructor, providing readings as a method to entry religious steerage. Her journey of private discovery, development and therapeutic started in 2005 when she personally wanted therapeutic and was searching for one thing greater than what typical medication and remedy might present. Thea is at the moment registered nationally and internationally with the South African Reiki Masters Association and The Reiki Healing Association, respectively – each skilled associations for the native and world Reiki communities, working to advertise the far-reaching observe and therapeutic results of Reiki world wide and the place the first philosophy is that collectively we will accomplish that far more. You can get in contact with Thea van der Merwe through viterra.co.zathat is her web site, and on facebook.com/viterrahealing on Facebook.

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