Empty consciousness – Conscious vacancy (non-dual) – Deconstructing your self

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Nondual Guided Meditation by Michael Taft

Meditation begins at 4:20 and lasts an hour.

We begin by elevating bodhicitta.

9:22 – Then directed rest (shamatha with an object).
24:00 – We are “relaxing the core of the mind” (shamatha with out object).
43:55 – We look into consciousness and see that it’s empty; and we glance into the void and see that it’s acutely aware.

Followed by dharma discuss and Q&A.

Emptiness, Consciousness, God and Nihilism

Being capable of join with and keep within the pure thoughts is in some methods a strong and necessary religious “achievement.” Never thoughts, for now, the paradox of making an attempt to realize one thing that has at all times been absolutely current and accessible. Nevertheless, it normally represents a serious section shift for the practitioner, and rightly so.

However, there’s a widespread mistake folks make at this level and it is very important be clear and both not make it or appropriate it. Actually two errors. The first is to see consciousness as an object. Consciousness is at all times current and is the one precise reality of our expertise. Everything unconscious is an inference; consciousness is the one simple factor – that’s, you understand that you’re undoubtedly having an expertise proper now.

The centrality and – when you see it – virtually surprising totality consciousness makes it significantly vulnerable to reification. That is, we are inclined to objectify it; in a ‘actual factor’. It is ironic that when we see that each one issues are merely appearances in consciousness, they usually lose their thingness, we switch all that thingness into consciousness. Consciousness turns into issues like God, Universal Consciousness, Self, and so forth.

That’s a mistake. Consciousness, for all its simplicity and generality, can also be empty. It’s not a factor. Not even the one one. Don’t make that mistake. See that vacancy for your self.

The similar goes for vacancy. Once we see even consciousness as empty, we are able to flip all thingness into vacancy. Then vacancy turns into the brand new god; the brand new fact. Don’t make that mistake. Emptiness shouldn’t be a factor. Emptiness can also be empty.

Which results in a 3rd error. I do know I mentioned it was two, however it’s really three. The third mistake is to take statements like “emptiness is empty” to imply that there’s nothing. Don’t draw conclusions or make it nihilistic from this highly effective manner of wanting. Instead, see the vacancy of concepts like “nothing matters” or “nothing has meaning.” These nihilistic ideas are as empty as the rest.

Take a superb take a look at what has been skilled. Look very, very carefully. What is Experience? What is that this experiencing now?

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