“Exploring Neural Pathways in Applied Reflexology: An Ongoing Journey”

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The Neural Pathways in Applied Reflexology research is about to begin.

Funds have been raised to carry out the first phase of the study. Thanks to everyone who contributed so generously after the Spring 2021 fundraiser.

The research is led by neuroscientist Dr. Stefan Posse of the Human Brain Imaging Research Laboratory at the University of New Mexico (UNM) Medical School. (https://vivo.health.unm.edu/display/n302957944) The knowledge and application of foot reflexology is provided by Barbara and Kevin Kunz. All three are volunteering. Our thanks go to the non-profit UNM Foundation for managing the donations.

Studied in real time by fMRI will be what happens in the brains of research participants when reflexology is applied to a specific reflex area of ​​their feet. Neuroscientists will then review the resulting images to determine which parts of the participants’ brains respond to the reflexology stimulation.

What has happened so far:

• Fundraising objectives achieved

• The established protocol

• The protocol has been approved by the IRB (Institutional Research Board) of the School of Medicine, University of New Mexico. A neurologist served as an expert advisor to the IRB.

  • In accordance with their inclusion as authors of the study, Barbara and Kevin Kunz have completed biomedical research investigator and conflict of interest training as required by the School of Medicine, University of New Mexico.

Recruiting participants to the study is the next step.

In a second clinical phase of the study, brain scans will be followed in study participants who experience a specific health problem.

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