4. For luscious locks.

Honey has after all emollient, moisturizing, soothing and hair conditioning properties5. To mix Comvita UMF™ 15+ Raw Manuka Honey Honey together with your favourite hair masks merchandise to take your hair care routine to the subsequent stage. Enjoy the additional shine, quantity and softness.

5. For muscle restoration.

When we train, we intentionally pressure our muscle tissues. While that is important for constructing energy, it may well additionally trigger oxidative stress, which creates free radicals which in turn cause muscle damage and decreased performance6. Raw Manuka honey is a wealthy supply of antioxidants6which assist thrust back these free radicals and help within the restoration course of.

6. For seasonal immune assist.

When chilly and flu season rolls round once more, we’re all ears for methods to assist a wholesome immune system. (And bonus factors if it is pure!) Studies have proven that uncooked Manuka honey “has a powerful inhibitory effect against the flu virus”7 because of its antiviral properties.

7. For a spoonful of sweetness.

There are many shocking methods to reap the rewards Comvita UMF™ 15+ Raw Manuka Honey, however à la Occam’s razor, typically the best reply is one of the best. Whether you are craving sweets, really feel a tickle in your throat or simply need to deal with your physique to the highly effective properties of uncooked Manuka honey, seize your spoon and dive into your new favourite ritual.

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