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Thinking green is something many of us are doing now. Changing different aspects of our lives to make our world more sustainable.

This is largely due to climate change, where we see the planet warming up. As a result, there is a move towards making some significant changes. The UK government has set a goal of reaching carbon zero by 2050. For example, in recent years there has been the announcement of the ban on petrol and diesel engines from 2030 and the introduction of subsidies for electric vehicles to encourage motorists to think green when they drive.

Read on for some ideas to see how you can change things up in your home to make things greener.

Why go green?

Sustainable thinking has several advantages. In addition to helping the planet, it can be beneficial to you as an individual.

By adopting more energy efficient ideas you will find that you have the opportunity to reduce the amount you spend on energy bills – something that is currently in the news a lot given the cost of living crisis. Being able to reduce costs can help reduce worry and stress about money and budgeting.

Going green can also make the home more comfortable. With more of us working from home, it’s good for our well-being to have a relaxing haven to retreat to after the workday is done.

So by making some real updates, we can bring the dial closer to carbon net zero while also helping our own well-being levels.

Add double or triple glazing

Since April 2002, double glazing has been mandatory in new buildings. In addition, any replacement windows from this date must also be fitted with double glazing.

While double glazing is necessary to keep heat in and improve energy efficiency, it is expected that triple glazing will soon become the standard. This additional pane is estimated at 40-50% thermally more efficient than older double glazing, making it a smart choice for those looking to make their home more efficient for years to come.

Greener alternatives

Soon there will be a gas boiler ban. From 2025, these boilers will be banned from new homes and in 2035 all gas boiler installations will be completely phased out. Find alternative heat sources now, such as solar panels and heat pumps designed to meet energy efficiency needs from homeowners, can help prepare your home for this change in the way we access energy in our homes.

You can also opt for white goods with energy label A. This information is included in the specification of washing machines and refrigerators, among other things, so you can easily find it. Also, check your electricity and gas rates to find one that best fits your budget and needs first, and swap traditional bulbs for LED alternatives.

Low flow products

By installing a low-flow shower head and toilet, you can reduce your home’s water consumption. While this means your shower head may not be as powerful as it used to be, you’re still doing your bit for the environment by slowing things down. Plus, using less water can impact your energy bill, helping you spend less overall.

How do you update your home to make things eco-friendly? Are you making some changes around your home or do you have plans to introduce energy efficient ideas soon?

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