Grain allergic reactions???

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Are you allergic to wheat flour, cornmeal or different grains?

Or do you react to mycotoxins?


When grain crops develop or are saved, they’re typically contaminated with numerous fungal microorganisms. These fungal microorganisms/black molds are extremely poisonous if eaten.

Why? These microorganisms include mycotoxins that launch their toxins into your physique when consumed, inflicting:

  •       Nausea
  •      vomit
  •       Irritation of the gastrointestinal tract
  •        Kidney issues
  •        Problems with the immune system

To title a number of!

Perhaps our response to mycotoxins may very well be an allergic response?


How are you able to higher shield your self?

I’m a baker. And once I open a brand new bag of corn flour, wheat flour, or some other flour, I sniff it for a second.

Before you do that, take into consideration how mushrooms odor. Any kind of mushroom, wild or non-wild. They odor like mould.

If you have ever cleaned unhealthy, black mould out of closed areas, you additionally know what mould smells like.


In the previous I realized the laborious approach. At Christmas I purchased giant portions of wheat flour. I used it to make Christmas cookies, bread, and so forth. Then I observed that my cookies and bread did not style nearly as good as they used to.

After the vacations, after making so many issues,  I might lastly get the urge to make one thing new with my wheat flour.

And so, a few month later, I went to my flour bus and began measuring out what I wanted. Yuk! The flour had a musty odor.

No marvel my cookies and bread had an aftertaste.

The wheat flour was contaminated with mycotoxins from some fungal microorganism.


My tip for you is-

Shake the bag a little bit earlier than opening a brand new bag of flour, cornmeal, and so forth.

Now open the bag and place your nostril subsequent to the opened bag. Smell just a bit bit. Does the wheat flour/corn flour have a candy odor? Or does it odor musty/mould? Or does it have a STRONG odor?

If the bag of flour has a robust odor, it’s rancid. Throw this sack of flour away.

If the sack of flour has a candy odor, it is good to go.

If the brand new bag of flour has a moldy/mildew odor, return it to the grocery store for a refund. You might wish to keep away from that model for a month or so till they run out of that batch of flour.

If your new flour appears high-quality, however later the odor adjustments to moldy/mildew, throw it away, NO questions requested!

Yes, groceries are costly, however your well being is much more costly to attempt to get again. Remember that you’re extra essential than a number of {dollars}.


For extra data on mycotoxins



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