If your ponytail extends past shoulder size, it is most likely swaying as you progress. This, says Smith, is the place you possibly can run into bother (actually): “If you go for a run and loosely toss your hair backwards and forwards, that is an absolute recipe for break up ends and actually dry friction burn on the ends of your hair. your hair.”

Too much friction, as we know, can cause physical damage, lift the cuticle and cause frizz. That’s why you might be sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase instead of cotton or linen fabrics, so that your locks glide more easily over the surface, keeping their smoothness and shine. (And on that note, you might want to invest in some silk scrunchies to further protect your tresses.) Of course, if you’re not going heavy, this isn’t as much of a problem; low-to-moderate intensity exercise (think yoga, Pilates, or walking) won’t cause as much friction, so a loose ponytail may be OK.

It’s more of a warning about HIIT workouts or jogging: however much you want to look like an icon Baywatch honey when you hit the curb all that swaying back and forth can damage your hair in the long run. “That’s like whiplash to your hair,” adds Smith.

Instead, he recommends wrapping your hair in a bun or braid to keep your ends well protected. Again, make sure you don’t pull too tight when tying so you don’t cause breakage at the hairline. For buns, you may also want to change the placement from time to time: “This approach it is not repeated harm in the very same spot — you are giving your hair a break,” says hairstylist Levi Monarch ever shared with us.

It’s a fragile dance, and on the finish of the day a number of damaged hairs should not hold you from breaking a sweat – in any case, common train is nice in your magnificence routine. But should you’re an avid runner or your bangs bounce throughout a spin class, you would possibly wish to tuck the ends in á la buns or braids. Maybe save the cute pony in your stroll house.

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