Is sleepy however awake actual?

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What does “sleepy but awake” truly imply? Can you be sleepy however awake? Why do not these two ideas simply match? Why cannot you get them to work when the remainder of the newborn world, the sleep world, and the Instagram world insist it is for the very best?

In my world, “sleepy but awake” is not actual and as we speak we’ll discuss ALL about it.

Today I’m going to let you know why I do NOT educate “sleepy but awake” on the subject of sleep coaching. It’s by no means a part of our vocabulary at Little Z’s while you’re making an attempt to show your child to sleep via the night time. I’ll let you know the ONLY time I take advantage of this phrase, however in any other case it’s by no means a part of our philosophy right here.

Before we dive in, let me offer you a plan: mine 4 steps to unravel nighttime awakenings. You get my 4 steps to assist your child sleep via the night time (and it has nothing to do with being sleepy however being awake!) You can begin TONIGHT – it takes lower than half-hour to take heed to all of the movies and implement the methods immediately.


In the world of child sleep – in books, Instagram, numerous platforms – you hear folks say “Help your baby sleepy but wake up after bedtime…” and that is it, there’s nothing. And you’re like What!?

The considering is that you’re serving to the newborn get heavy eyes however nonetheless awake as a result of they aren’t totally asleep… “sleepy but awake.”

You assist them get sleepy – however not totally asleep – in order that they go to sleep on the mattress and never on you.

Here’s my downside: you possibly can’t be sleepy and awake on the identical time. Sleepy and awake are reverse issues.

When we sleep, we undergo totally different phases or sleep cycles (you’ll have heard of the REM cycle).

Drowsiness is the FIRST step in your sleep cycle. It’s when your physique will get sleepy and also you prepare to go to sleep. If you’ve got ever had a shock and really feel such as you’re falling, that is drowsiness.

You cannot be sleepy (aka fall asleep) but additionally be awake!


Now, you WILL hear me say this throughout my Sleep course for newborns. I’ll speak about drowsiness however awake. This is as a result of newborns haven’t got mature sleep cycles like infants and toddlers (and also you and me!) do.

They solely have TWO sleep cycles and there’s a utterly totally different strategy to educate newborns and infants how one can sleep. So you hear that in my course, and it applies, since you assist them get sleepy after which put them down as a part of working with their new child sleep cycles.

However, at 16 weeks, the 4 month regression, they develop their grownup sleep cycles and now sleepiness is the ENEMY of sleep…. They will now rely on the caregiver, pacifier, crib, or no matter to assist them get sleepy.

So which means in the event that they get up all night time and do not understand how to go to sleep with out anybody or something they should get sleepy, they’re going to begin calling out to seek out that particular person or factor to meet up with them. to get. drowsiness once more.

That’s the issue with sleepiness however “not being awake”. You cannot educate them to get sleepy however not sleepy.


Nobody goes to sleep and wakes up 12 hours later with out waking up! But you and I’ve developed these abilities and know how one can put ourselves again to sleep.

That’s why I educate the Leave and Check and Stay within the Room strategies in my sleep coaching packages in order that sleepiness units in after they’re within the crib.

After their bedtime ritual you set them 100% conscious and alert within the cradle. Not sleepy.

They study to go to sleep at bedtime (and nap time) and all through the night time.

I’d love to listen to from you: Have you tried “dumb but awake”? Does this make you pissed off?

If you are able to cease making an attempt to provide you with “sleepy but awake” and also you need step-by-step directions on how one can make sleep a factor, you will discover my lint-free sleep methods in my Baby sleep course right here!!

Good night time!!


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