When it involves relationships, keep in mind that Life Path 7 is commonly solitary, clever, and analytical. They might not be significantly forthright with their affections, however you may you’ll want to have tremendous deep conversations about life’s mysteries.

“In love, life path 7 needs a partner who understands that they need a lot of alone time,” Kaerthart tells mindbodygreen. “These people are the seekers and the philosophers and they really like to spend a lot of time alone — and they need it more than any other number,” she explains.

So in case you are paired with a life path 7 do not take it personally in the event that they wish to be alone. “They really need a partner who is independent and can also go deep – the 7 always wants to dive into what’s going on under the surface,” provides Kaerhart.

And in relation to compatibility, Life Path 7s are most suitable with Life Paths 4, 5, and seven, and presumably 1 and 9. They might not really feel on the identical wavelength as Life Paths 2, 3, 6, and eight, in keeping with Kaerhart.

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