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Spiritual instructor AH Almaas speaks with host Michael Taft in regards to the centrality of affection to our religious nature, tips on how to inform the distinction between emotional love and religious love, how the injuries of affection can turn out to be openings for awakening, totally different “flavors” of affection , and the need of affection to strategy the reality.

A. Hameed Ali, whose pen identify is AH Almaas, is the founding father of the Diamond Approach to Self-Realization, a recent educating that developed throughout the context of each historical religious teachings and trendy theories of depth psychology. Almaas has written eighteen books on religious realization, together with the diamond coronary heart sequence, The Pearl Beyond Price, The Void, And The alchemy of freedom.

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Show notes

00:38 – Introduction

03:31 – The e-book ‘Love Unveiled’

04:24 – Love versus consciousness in spirituality

07:11 – Difference between emotional love and religious love

10:59 – Relationship between consciousness and love

12:51 – Love is the maturation of realization

14:38 – Difference within the expressions of emotional versus religious/important love

16:54 – Spiritual love as a medium and the nectars/flavors of affection

19:07 – Desire and want in numerous traditions

25:37 – Learn the opening of the guts

26:47 – Working with the obstacles/obstacles in numerous qualities of affection

31:03 – Pointing to the best way to the guts

32:20 – Nectars of affection

34:08 – Phenomenology of affection

36:09 – The three facilities of man

37:49 – Difficulty feeling liked and liked

41:47 – Working with the injuries within the coronary heart

44:20 – Hameed’s favourite style of affection

45:18 – The three-part sequence on love

48:23 – Outro

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