Meditate on the six realms of existence

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Nondual Guided Meditation with Michael Taft

According to Buddhist cosmology, the world of existence is split into six sorts of beings. As somebody trapped in Samsara (ie “the world”), you will be reborn in any of those six realms or classes.

  1. Deva (“gods/angels”)
  2. Asura (“demigods/titans”)
  3. human (us)
  4. Animal
  5. Hungry ghosts
  6. Naraka (“the damned”)

These six realms are very totally different from their counterparts in Western religions as a result of you aren’t completely “assigned” there. But fairly dwell a lifetime in that realm earlier than dying there after which being reborn. Where you might be reborn is dependent upon your karma, which means your good or dangerous deeds.

Although the six realms are historically taken with no consideration, we are able to additionally use them as a psychological map to help in meditation. Psychologically, these are the moods related to every sort of creature:

  1. Joy, enjoyable, indifference to others
  2. Jealousy, domination, ego, aggression
  3. Any way of thinking
  4. Drowsiness, ignorance, urge for food, searching for consolation
  5. Frustration, neediness, can’t be happy
  6. Anger, hatred, excessive discomfort

When we discover ourselves getting into certainly one of these states of thoughts (apart from human), we confide in it and settle for it, merely being in consciousness. This in the end permits us to metaphorically die to that delivery, enter the bardo, and be born once more as a human; that’s, not getting caught up in some emotional dysfunction. This model of this meditation was impressed by my good friend Kenneth Folk.

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