Non-dual vipashyana on the emergence of experiences

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Guided Meditation with Michael Taft

An hour guided meditation, adopted by a dharma speak and Q&A.

In all of Michael’s meditations (labeled “non-dual”), there’s a construction to what we do. First, there’s the focus/leisure part, known as “shamatha with an object”. Then we go to no-object shamatha, which Michael additionally calls “dropping the ball.” After that, there are lots of completely different actions or workout routines we will do, and sometimes do in these guided meditation movies.

In this video we transfer to the subsequent stage, non-dual vipashyana. Vipashyana is the Sanskrit phrase associated to the Pali phrase most individuals are accustomed to, vipassana (i.e. “mindfulness”). Both phrases imply ‘inquiry’ or ‘perception’. Michael makes use of Sanskrit vipashyana to emphasise the broad, non-dualistic technique of understanding, versus the extra dualistic one vipassana. In this video he teaches you how one can do non-dual vipashyana. Vipashyana is the strategy used within the follow of Vajrayana and Dzogchen.

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