Nondual Exploration of the Mind – Deconstructing Yourself

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Guided Meditation by Michael Taft

This hour-long nondual guided meditation is adopted by commentary and a Q&A session.

Meditation begins at 00:01.
– Exciting Bodhicitta
– Shamatha with an object
– Shamatha with out object (Relaxing the core of your thoughts)
– 30:00 we begin vipashyanA. In this case analysis into the character of the thoughts.
– 60:00 finish of meditation

At first it might look like the vipashyana is ridiculous or a pointless waste of time. Can anybody take a query like What is the colour of your thoughts severely? What does it actually imply to ask What is the form of the thoughts? I guarantee you that the workout routines on this meditation are supposed to be carried out with a real sense of curiosity and curiosity.

It is essential to look into the thoughts as clearly as doable. When we do this, we see that any concept that the thoughts is an object, or a factor with sure bodily properties, or is positioned someplace, and so forth, is unquestionably improper. Yet additionally it is not the case that it’s nothing, or that there’s nothing in any respect. Some form of expertise takes place, and it is not nothing or some form of absence. This nebulous nature of the thoughts could be very intriguing when you discover it. Is the ghost there or not? Is it a factor or not a factor? Look very carefully and persuade your self.

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