Reiki and our power techniques

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Reiki and our power techniques

To perceive how Reiki works, we have to get to know our power techniques. We all have an auric subject and chakras.

The aura resembles an egg circling round us.

The aura is made up of layers of “bodies”. Each physique does a unique job. I’ll discuss 4 most important layers.
The Etheric physiquethe Emotional physique, the Mental physique, and the Mental physique.
The Etheric physique is a 2-inch thick layer of important power or often known as “Life Force” power, Prana and/or Chi. (The identify is completely different relying in your tradition). This layer of Life Force power acts as a protecting barrier in opposition to all exterior supplies that may hurt us. (Bacteria, dangerous power, and many others.)
The Emotional physique is the subsequent layer.
This layer carries all our feelings, emotions and character traits.
Our feelings that we expertise are mirrored in our Emotional our bodies. These mirrored feelings are projected to others via our chakras and pores. And so, if you happen to really feel that somebody is unhappy, you’d incorporate their projected power of disappointment into your personal chakras and browse the energetic info as “sadness”.
The Mental physique consists of our concepts, rational perceptions, intuitive perceptions and our ideas. We absorb info via our chakras. Then it goes via our Emotional our bodies and despatched to the Mental physique. These perceptions relate to your bodily well-being and considerations about our world.

The Mental physique is the extent that’s the immortal a part of us. We expertise the very best vibrational stage from the religious stage of being. This power flows into us and flows into the Mental our bodies, the emotional our bodies, and the etheric our bodies. This physique provides us the expertise of inside oneness with all life. It connects us to pure Divine Being. Only via our Spiritual our bodies is it doable to acknowledge the supply and function of our being and the aim of our life. We achieve knowledge, energy, bliss and unconditional love once we divulge heart’s contents to our Mental physique.

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April 11, 2020

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