Resting consciousness within the coronary heart

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One hour Nondual Guided Meditation with Michael Taft.

Most folks assume they’ve consciousness, which is within the mind, which is in a physique, which is on the earth. While this works nicely for navigating the practicalities of life, it is the other of how we see issues in non-dual meditation. In the nondual view, the looks of self-and-world arises inside consciousness, and isn’t separate from consciousness.

Since the physique is likely one of the manifestations in consciousness, there is no such thing as a single physique location that’s the middle of consciousness. Rather, any physique location might be arbitrarily felt as the middle of consciousness if we select.

It is attention-grabbing to notice that as a result of completely different areas within the physique really feel completely different, “centering” consciousness on a specific location tends to paint our view of the world primarily based on the sentiments of that location.

In this guided meditation, Michael permits you to expertise the center area as the middle of consciousness, and really feel the loving and compassionate sense of consciousness there.

Meditation begins with Shamatha with an object.
Then Shamatha with out an object.
Then drop the consciousness into the center.

After the meditation there’s a dharma speak and a Q&An element.

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