Self-compassion via the physique | Guided meditation scripts

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Here’s an instance of the “Self-compassion by the bodyGuided Meditation Script:

Hello, and welcome to this journey of self-compassion through the body. This is a meditation that will guide us through the physical body one by one, cultivating kindness towards our physical being.

Before we begin, keep in mind that while our intent is to cultivate compassion for the body, you may find that unkind thoughts arise. Many of us have a difficult relationship with certain parts of our body, so whatever arises is natural. This is something we will work with as part of this practice.

For example, if you pay attention to your feet, you may find yourself thinking:

“My ft damage. I do not take ok care of my physique.”


“I wish my feet were different.”

When a thought like this comes up, see in the event you can simply label it as a thought—that’s, not an absolute reality—and return your consideration to the current second, focusing in your ft.

Another expertise you might need is that you end up being self-critical due to unkindness or judgment that may come out.

This might sound one thing like, “I’m not taking good enough care of my body…and here I go again being hard on myself.” I simply can’t get it proper!”

Again, discover this as only a thought as you tune into your expertise with gentleness and curiosity.


So take a second to get into a cushty, alert place. This meditation might be performed sitting or mendacity down.

Whatever place you are in, begin by noticing the floor beneath you in order that the bottom can assist you. You may shut your eyes if that feels comfy for you.

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