Should I swaddle my child for daytime naps?

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Swaddling your new child might help you sleep higher, however do you have to swaddle your child for daytime naps? As a sleep marketing consultant for over 15 years, I get this query typically and the reply could shock you. Read on to be taught extra about when to swaddle your child for naps.

Why swaddle your child?

The advantages of swaddling are many. Most infants sleep higher when swaddled as a result of it mimics the womb, prevents their startle reflex from waking them, helps hold them on their backs, which is most secure, and soothes them.

How to swaddle

Essentially, to swaddle your child, wrap them in somewhat burrito. However, there are various swaddling merchandise on the market today that can assist you swaddle extra simply, shortly, and safely, so your child cannot escape. Loose blankets will be very harmful for a child!

Be positive to learn our article Swaddling for info on how one can safely swaddle your child.

Should your child be swaddled for daytime naps?

Yes! You ought to swaddle your new child for daytime naps. If your child nonetheless has the moro reflex, swaddling will assist him take longer and extra restful naps. In common, there isn’t any purpose NOT to swaddle a child for naps as we would like them to be rested through the day in order that they sleep higher at night time.

If you are anxious about your new child’s complicated days and nights, strive to not be. There are different methods to show them the distinction between night time and day. Most infants resolve this naturally inside a number of weeks anyway. If not, simply restrict a single nap through the day to 2 hours to assist. That means you may nonetheless swaddle your child and simply get up two hours later if wanted.

When to cease swaddling for daytime naps

Of course, all good issues come to an finish and so does swaddling. Eventually we’ve got to cease swaddling and stopping swaddling throughout naps is a standard technique. This permits your child to get used to having his arms free, however with out disturbing his sleep (which is tiring for you!)

I like to recommend that you just stretch no less than one arm round 8-16 weeks outdated no less than a number of occasions per week in preparation for the 4 month sleep regression. That doesn’t suggest it’s a must to unwrap your child for ALL naps EVERY day! Gradually permit increasingly time with out the swaddle so your child can get used to it with out disrupting your new child’s schedule.

In the approaching weeks, your child could more and more be outdoors the swaddle whereas napping. If they begin rolling, you may wish to get out of the field straight away for security causes. If you’ve got already ‘practiced’, the transition might be smoother.

Most dad and mom, on common, cease swaddling the newborn fully when they’re 4 to six months outdated. If your child rolls from again to tummy sooner, you need to cease swaddling sooner.

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