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I feel many people, if not most, take time to mirror on what we’re significantly grateful for at the moment of yr; though I hope we do it far more usually! In my much less critical and contemplative moments, listed below are my ideas:

I’m grateful that the midterm elections are over.

Thinking forward, I’ll be grateful when the following one is over too.

I’m grateful for my new sofa, which is increased off the ground, which makes me really feel much less outdated after I rise up.

I’m grateful that over the past storm my powerline within the countryside solely went out for half a day versus 6 days.

I’m grateful that I solely must have my tooth extracted and never a root canal.

I’m grateful that my pants nonetheless match for the previous 20 years.

I’m grateful to have reached 70 and no bunions, no hip substitute, no knee substitute.

I’m grateful for every part my mother made certain I realized, particularly that prime college typing class.

I’m grateful to have the ability to charge my one among 5 chickens I’m certain is on the spectrum.

I’m grateful that I can eat gluten and dairy and chocolate with impunity.

I’m grateful that I’m additionally in a position to mirror on the larger gadgets of gratitude and keep in mind how privileged I’m to stay a lifetime of security, safety and stability proper now.

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