As board-certified sleep skilled Michael Breus, Ph.D., beforehand defined to mbg, “Melatonin is a regulator, no sleep initiator. Melatonin does not make you sleepy; it tells your body it’s time for bed. Those are two completely different processes in the brain.”

That bedtime reminder operate might make melatonin related within the quick time period when touring throughout time zones (i.e. assist with circadian reset), however not for routine use.

If you are on the lookout for a non-hormonal nighttime sleep assist different, mindbodygreen’s breakthrough sleep system, sleep support+, is a reputation to know. Taking two capsules of Sleep Support+ one to 2 hours earlier than bedtime offers 120mg of magnesium bisglycinate, together with enjoyable jujube seed extract and PharmaGABA®, to advertise deep and restorative sleep.*

Here’s what completely happy prospects say about sleep assist+ and why they’re glad they switched from melatonin:

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