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Achilles tendinitis an overuse harm of the Achilles tendon, the band of tissue that connects the calf muscle tissue in the back of the decrease leg to your heel bone. TThe Achilles tendon in the back of the ankle turns into painful. Achilles tendonitis is most typical in runners who’ve abruptly elevated the depth or period of their runs. It can also be widespread in middle-aged individuals who play sports activities akin to tennis or basketball.


  • Getting sufficient relaxation, together with stretching to cut back swelling, can assist heal an overstretched Achilles tendon.
  • Apply ice or a chilly pack to the heel each 1 to 2 hours for quarter-hour at a time.
    • Compression of the Achilles tendon. Taping or athletic wrap across the Achilles tendon and ankle

    • Raising the foot above the extent of the guts to assist with swelling


  • An ankle brace helps assist your Achilles tendon and stop the situation from recurring.

    • Exercises for the Achilles tendon. Strengthen and stretch muscle tissue by physiotherapy. Strengthening the encircling muscle tissue to alleviate stress on the Achilles tendon and assist assist the ankle


    dr. P. Senthil Selvam, PhD
    Professor & HOD, School of Physiotherapy, VISTAS, Chennai.

    Dr.D. Hepzibah Rubella, MPT (Ortho)
    Researcher, School of Physiotherapy, VISTAS, Chennai.

    Vels Institute for Science, Technology & Advanced Studies (VISTAS)

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