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Nondual Guided Meditation with Michael Taft

One hour meditation:
2:58 – Meditation begins (shamatha with an object)
17:45 – Dissolve with the exhale
32:11 – Drop the ball (i.e. shamatha with no object)
47:10 – Cut by content material with vacancy

Followed by dharma speak and Q&A.

In this guided meditation, Michael teaches a particular meditation approach that may be very useful for folks studying to make the transition from shamatha with an object to shamatha with out an object. This approach is known as “dissolving with the exhale,” and it will probably act as a kind of intermediate approach between supported and unsupported shamatha. We might name it semi-assisted shamatha.

To carry out this system, it’s best in the event you use the breath as your object of focus. If you beforehand used a mantra or visualization for assist, change to specializing in the breath for this system.

Then you merely deal with the respiration sensations within the physique in the course of the inhalation. On the exhale, let the thoughts move out with the breath and dissolve into house. That is it.

We can perceive the approach as a focus on kind on the inhale and vacancy on the exhale, or on contraction on the inhale and enlargement on the exhale. Or one other pair of opposites (yang and yin, and so on).

Michael additionally introduces the strategy of utilizing void to chop by content material. This is additional described in a later video.

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