Visualizing Self-Compassion: The Blanket of Love

by WellnessWivel
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Here’s an instance of the “Visualizing Self-Compassion: The Blanket of LoveGuided Meditation Script:

Take a second to settle into a snug sitting place, focusing your consideration in your respiration and making any essential changes for consolation.

Close your eyes or decrease your gaze whenever you really feel prepared.

Now pay cautious consideration to any rigidity you’re holding within the jaw space.

Kindly, with out judgment, let it seep down and into the earth.

Notice any rigidity chances are you’ll be holding in your neck or shoulders… and see in case you can slowly soften that tightness, circulate down your physique to the bottom that may maintain and rework it.

Noticing different locations in your physique the place you could be holding on or bracing…

And give them permission, if just for a second, to take a break. Release any rigidity that may be safely and comfortably launched.


Now I need you to think about a blanket. This blanket is manufactured from probably the most lovely, most scrumptious materials you’ll be able to think about.

For some it could be silk. For others, it could be smooth and heat like fleece.

Alternatively, your blanket may be made out of flowers… or it may be knitted from the softest pure wool.

And then take note of what colour this blanket is, whether or not it’s stable or multi-colored. Let it tackle no matter colour or colours you most search for, something that soothes and comforts you.

Now, I’d such as you to think about this blanket falling over you in probably the most mild, loving manner.

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