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A hammer toe is curled as a result of a bend within the center joint of the toe. Hammer toe is normally brought on by sporting ill-fitting footwear. It usually impacts the toe subsequent to the large toe. The affected toe could also be painful or tough to maneuver and should develop corns or calluses. The hyperextension of the MTP joint and the flexion of the PIP joint make the PIP joint dorsally outstanding.


  • Arthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis may enhance your danger. Arthritis in a toe joint can result in arthritis hammertoe.
  • an unusually excessive foot arch

  • Wearing footwear that do not match correctly
  • Shoes which can be too tight within the toe field or have a excessive heel can drive the toes right into a flexed or arched place. When the toes keep on this place for a very long time, the muscle tissues that enable the toes to stretch develop into tight and fewer capable of work.
  • Tight ligaments or tendons within the foot
  • Muscle imbalances unrelated to footwear
  • Pressure from a bunion, which is when your massive toe factors inward towards your second toe


dr. P. Senthil Selvam, PhD
Professor & HOD, School of Physiotherapy, VISTAS, Chennai.

Dr.D. Hepzibah Rubella, MPT (Ortho)
Researcher, School of Physiotherapy, VISTAS, Chennai.

Vels Institute for Science, Technology & Advanced Studies (VISTAS)

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