According to the scientific psychologist, an in depth friendship is characterised by mutual belief, respect and emotional intimacy Annia Raja, Ph.D. “It’s a relationship where you feel comfortable being yourself and sharing your deepest thoughts and emotions without fear of judgment or rejection,” she tells mbg. “Research has shown that people with strong friendships are happier, healthier and more resistant to stress.”

According to Shani Gardner, LCSWa licensed scientific social employee and the proprietor of Soulful Grace Therapy, shut friendships are additionally associated to honesty, assist and understanding. “Good friends provide security, comfort, and a deep sense of alignment and intimacy,” she tells mbg. “Close friendships are important because we are social beings and we are wired for connection with others. We have a natural desire to be seen and understood; close friendships ensure that that desire is met.”

In this sense, the psychology of shut friendships boils right down to our very human nature. Jennifer Chain, Ph.D.scientific psychologist and founding father of the group remedy apply Thrive for the people, says that people as a species thrive due to our interdependence on one another. “Therefore, having meaningful and close friendships satisfies one of our fundamental needs for connection and belonging.”

And as Chain provides, significant friendships are related to vital well being outcomes comparable to happiness, satisfaction, shallowness, improved reminiscence, decreased loneliness, elevated life satisfaction, decrease blood strain and longevity.

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